Simple Tips To Make Your HIV Dating More Comfortable

If you are tested and it has been determined that you are positive for having HIV, dating can be a much scarier experience then it would be for someone who is not HIV positive. If you identify with this problem, continue reading because there will be tips below so you can go HIV dating safely:

One common attitude when it comes to dating for someone who is HIV positive is only wanting to date other people who are already HIV positive. But then the next question in your mind would be: Where can I socialize with other people that are HIV Positive? A couple of recommendations are meetings where other people can sympathize because they test positive for HIV like you, There are special events that are run or funded by different causes that you could attend if the cause has something to with HIV. There are websites where you can make dates and everyone on that website is HIV Positive.

If you and your partner are both HIV Positive, you still must use rubber protection. The reason for this is because while you both may have the HIV virus, you do not want to take a chance on passing on other diseases that you may not be aware of.

If you are looking to start dating again after being diagnosed, you’re not the first one to do so. Inquire with other HIV positive people about how they got back into the dating scene. Other people who have begun dating with HIV could answer any questions you may have.

When you do reveal to someone that you are dating that you are HIV positive, not all the responses will be positive. They will range from approving to refusing and brace yourself if you get a response that is mean.

When you admit to someone that you have HIV, you have to think: Is the relationship going to get far enough where I will have to reveal my condition? If you’re going to meet someone for a cup of coffee on the first date then there is no second date, is it really important this person knows when they aren’t going anywhere more private with you then your local Starbucks?

Many people look at themselves with a lower value then they would if they weren’t HIV positive. You are still a person with objectives that you want to achieve and you deserve to be with someone who will be supportive and treats you like a person with dignity. Don’t let someone abuse you in any way because you think being with someone who is abusive is better then being alone.

If you are going to try the online dating game, don’t let the person know until you meet the person at a public place and they are who they claimed to be. However if the relationship is going to lead to any type of sex then you must let your date know before anything happens.

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